Griffis Sculpture Park

People climbing the "tower" at Griffis Sculpture Park in the summertime

For more than 40 years, the steel sculptures of Larry Griffis, Jr. and other international artists have been residing in the woods, fields, and even ponds of Griffis Sculpture Park. The 400 acre Ashford Hollow park, is not only a tremendous regional attraction, but holds the distinction of being America’s largest and oldest sculpture park.

The park features over 250 large scale sculptures dispersed through miles of hiking trails. Each sculpture was placed with the natural setting in mind, creating a truly unique experience between art and nature.

The park is split into two sections: Rohr Hill Road Site and Mill Valley Road Site. The Rohr Hill area is characterized by towering sculptures set in fields and woods just off the road. The Mill Valley Road Site features both a smooth walk area, as well miles of trails through a variety of terrain.

Whether you have five minutes or five hours, one can always get a flavor of the park.

Physical Address

Griffis Sculpture Park
692 Rohr Rd.
East Otto, NY 14729